Climate change is happening. We can’t deny it. It’s irreversibel. In order to provide a liveable planet for future generations, for our children and grandchildren, we should take actions. What can we do to make climate change a bit less worse?

We can make a change!

Small steps have big effects.

What can you do to reverse climate change?

Living Climate Change is an organization with volunteers that want to make a change We want to preserve our beautiful world for ourselves and future generations. We want to limit the impact of our lives on the environment.

Will you help us?

This blog website will give you the tools to make a difference. We will discuss today’s issues on climate change and give your clear tools on how you can make a change. For example by not flying, recycling, use less energy, implement simple changes in your house, etcetera.

Together we can make a difference!

Save the planet, reverse climate change.