3 tips for sustainable living and a climate neutral life

Sustainable living

What is sustainable living? These sustainable living tips well help you to get started. As a global population, we demand a lot of the climate. We know that something needs to change for a better future. Sustainable living is the message. But is it possible to completely erase the ecological footprint? How do you live without influencing the climate? How do you live a sustainable life? The first step is knowing that a better climate starts with you. We have the best 3 tips that will immediately help you on your way to a climate neutral life.

What is sustainable living?Eco footprint

Sustainability is the slogan that keeps people and companies busy. We all influence nature and the climate in a negative way. That has to change. Sustainability is the solution. But a good definition of sustainable living is not yet very clear. But living a sustainable life is not difficult. It is important to give back to the environment what you have used. Compensate the damage. You can decide to eat less meat or less manufactured food. Wearing second-hand clothing can also be an option, or wash your clothes on a lower temperature. Separating waste is important, just like buying less products with plastic packaging. Large companies have included it their company goals. And that is a good thing, because the ecological footprint we leave behind must be reduced drastically.

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What means climate neutral?

We know that the earth is warming up since the beginning of the 19th century. Climate scientists have been researching this for many years. It appears that for the biggest part it has a human cause. The fossil fuels we use and deforestation cause the greenhouse effect. It has been agreed worldwide that the amount of greenhouse gases must be reduced. Or at least compensated. The term climate neutral is used for a service, product or operation that has no influence on the climate.

Why should you live sustainably?

Sustainable living should be a motto for life. We all use everything that our earth has to offer. Water, raw materials, trees and air. But one day, our earth will run out of these amenities. Provided that we deal with mother earth more consciously and we compensate for what we use. And sustainable living is the solution to compensate. Every little bit causes damage. But every little bit of compensation makes the environment a little better.

What is the advantage of climate-neutral living?

The greenhouse effect has serious consequences. The ice sheets are melting due to global warming. As a result, the sea level is rising more and more. The weather is also changing dramatically. The future predicts more extreme weather conditions: heat waves, prolonged drought and an enormous amount of rain and strong storms. Taken together, biodiversity and food production are declining. Harvesting fails due to extreme drought or heavy rainfall. Global warming must be checked. Intervention is a must. But change can only take place if we want to and commit ourselves to it. That is why climate-neutral living is so important. Read the following 3 tips to live sustainably.

1. What is climate neutral food?

Very often the food we eat is not climate neutral. The food industry is untenable. Food production costs an excessive amount of water and energy. It is far from energy efficient. But the production of meat is not only a problem. The processed food in factories also takes a lot of time, energy and land. In addition, consumers wish to be able to buy all kinds of fruit and vegetables in the stores throughout the year. A lot of fruit and vegetables are imported for this. This is very bad for the environment due to transportation. Eating exclusively seasonal vegetables would be a big step in the right direction.

In addition to the food itself, the packaging is also harmful to the environment. Separating waste isn’t done by everyone, so it has a huge impact on the climate. Just look at the oceans, how much plastic waste is floating around. Nowadays this situation is also called the plastic soup. Recycling waste is the only option to protect the environment more.


  1. Eat locally
  2. Eat what’s in season
  3. Eet fresh, homemade meals and skip processed food
  4. Recycle
  5. Avoid using plastic packages

Climate neutral food

2. How do you make your home climate neutral?

The way of life and adapting the home are two important steps that you can take. Green energy can be used for the electricity in the home. Most energy companies offer green energy. Switching is very easy. Do you prefer to generate your own electricity? Then solar panels are a great solution. The purchase of the panels is unfortunately very expensive, but the price is earned back within ten years on average. A good solar panel lasts an average of 20 years.

Replacing the gas line is also a very good option. It is becoming increasingly difficult to extract gas and it is necessary to drill deeper. Many new-build houses are already being built without gas pipelines. Instead of cooking on gas, cooking is done on induction.

The insulation of a house determines the durability. A well-insulated house requires less heating. The heating needs to be set less long and less high for a pleasant temperature. View the windows, the walls and the roof and make a good insulation plan.

Is the budget not that big, but do you want to live a more sustainable life? Consider replacing the lights. LED lighting is slightly more expensive to purchase, but has a higher efficiency and a longer lifespan. Economical showerheads and mixer taps are also a great option for using less water.


  1. Use green energy, and possible install your own solar panels
  2. Reduce energy consumption
  3. Reduce water consumption
  4. Avoid gas consumption. Better use green energy.

3. More sustainable travel is also part of a sustainable life

Or better: don’t travel too much. Don’t use the plane, and preferably don’t use a car. Fossil fuels are the main cause of the development of the greenhouse effect. Every time you start the car, you exacerbate the greenhouse effect. Buses, trains and planes are also the main culprits. Start small and choose to carpool. The exhaust gases are spread over a larger group. The ecological footprint immediately becomes smaller. The same applies to public transportation. Traveling with an energy-efficient type of transport is absolutely good. They are cars with fewer or even no emissions. But the production of energy-efficient cars is again very damaging for the environment. The conclusion is therefore that walking and cycling are still the most economical ways to travel.


  1. Avoid the car
  2. Don’t use the airplane, but travel to destinations nearby. There is soooo much to discover close by home.
  3. Use the bike or public transport, or go carpooling.

natural factors in climate change

Is a fully climate neutral life possible?

All three tips are good to start sustainable living. Yet 100% climate-neutral life remains difficult. It has to do with the fact that you do not know from all the products how climate neutral they are manufactured. And to check with each product whether it is completely climate neutral, that usually goes too far. Yet it is important to remember that every small step has a positive impact on the environment. The major changes in nature and the environment will ultimately force the population to take major steps. Waiting calmly is no longer an option. Governments have suddenly joined forces to strive for a climate neutral society. But every citizen can also contribute to a better environment. Because only with the commitment of everyone will the world become liveable again for future generations.

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